15 Interesting Facts about Lincoln Vehicles


Any company closely associated with the Ford Motor Company is bound to have fascinating facts surrounding it, and Lincoln vehicles are no exception. In fact, the following list will shed light on how Lincoln stands out as a unique luxury brand, and how impressive their history and model lineups have been throughout history. Let’s explore a few of them.


  1.     True Class and Presidential Level Prestige

1950s era Lincoln Continental

Looking over the 20th century, there’s been an amazing trend. US presidents often chose Lincoln vehicles over other models, likely due to their luxury and reliability.


  1.     The Lincoln Continental MK VII’s Success Story


Released in 1984, when anti-lock braking systems were at the height of logical luxury features, it was a breakout success. It was compounded by the inclusion of full air suspension and its aerodynamic design.


  1.     Steady Growth in Sales


Lincoln vehicles have an extensive track record of increasing popularity over time. This was equally true with the exponential increase in production overall in the 30s, with their release of the KB and Zypher (also known as MKZ) which featured V12 engines.


  1.     The Design Innovator


Lincoln’s founder, Henry M. Leland was a design genius. But due to his lack of business and manufacturing prowess, his company was sold to the Ford Motor Company for 8 million dollars in the early 1920’s.


  1.     A Presidential Legacy

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln who Lincoln got their name from

All Lincoln vehicles owe their brand name to the US president Abraham Lincoln, whom Henry Leland idolized.


  1.     Ties to Cadillac


Much of their design is borrowed from the tastes of Cadillac. In fact, Leland was a founder of Cadillac. Touches of their designs can be found on the Premiere, Lincoln’s blockbuster model in 1956.


  1.     The Release of the Continental


This model alone is responsible for the bulk of Lincoln’s sales throughout the 1960s. It had a compact chassis design and came in both convertible and standard models.


  1.     Custom Limousines for Official Use


Using the Continental as their basis, Lehmann-Peterson worked with Lincoln to produce custom built limos as state cars, back in 1964. These were timeless pieces, and one rare model still exists to this day.


  1.     A 30 Year Run


The Lincoln Town Car, the leading model released in 1981 went on to last for 3 consecutive decades as a successfully sold, popular Lincoln vehicle. Featuring top speeds of up to 180 km per hour with a V8 engine and a 4 speed automatic transmission, it stole the show in its early days and continued on successfully for many years.


  1.  A Luxury SUV


After Ford’s continuous success producing full-sized SUVs for the mass market, a luxury model, the Lincoln Navigator was released at the start of 1997, based on the same design.


  1.  The MKZ, a Fresh Burst of Life


The iconic names given to successful Lincoln vehicles of the past are reused several decades later. Such was the case with the 2005 Lincoln MKZ.


  1.  Powerful Durability for Any Purposes


Offering a Ballistic Protection Series, Lincoln cars are ranked near the top in the Middle East and US for the armored vehicle market, beating out Mercedes, BMW and Audio time and again, with the highest level of security known.


  1.  Loved by Americans


According to a 2013 poll, Lincoln is the preferred American brand, reaching a higher rating than Cadillac amongst US drivers.


  1.  Integration with Ford Parts


As a company-wide policy, the Ford Motor Company decided that Lincoln vehicles would use and extensive amount of Ford parts in their manufacturing. Their uniqueness is intrinsically linked with Ford.


  1.  The President’s Last Ride

President John F. Kennedy driving in a Lincoln

The late John F. Kennedy was last seen riding in the back of a limo called the Lincoln Continental.