Diving Into The 2017 Lincoln Navigator


It’s not difficult to see the benefits of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator at a quick glance. But we’re going to dig in deep and really see how effective it is in many areas, ranging from comfort to performance, and how it stacks up as a luxury SUV.

2017 Lincoln Navigator on driveway

Because it’s a luxury model, it’s worth mentioning that it really doesn’t sacrifice one quality for another. On the other hand, it has unique advantages over other models in its class.

Great Accommodation for Families of All Sizes          


You may be more concerned about storage space than seating capacity. Good news… you really get the best of both worlds, especially with a spacious 7-seat standard model.


You can extend the Navigator for a total of 103.3 cubic feet of storage capacity, if you intend to have your entire family in on the fun. It’s simply what the 2017 Lincoln Navigator delivers. The power folding third row bench seat is a nice complement for versatility.


A common complaint of similar models from other brands, is how the infotainment console is designed. Whether it’s how the hardware is shaped, where it’s placed, or how easy and effective the software is to use, the Navigator’s infotainment system is excellent. It’s well designed and sports a very intuitive layout.


White 2017 Lincoln Navigator

Combine this with modern Bluetooth connectivity for HD high resolution audio streaming through 14 speakers and smart app integration, and it gets your heart pounding. Heated and cooled 8-way power adjustable seating compliments premium technology to create an elegant driving experience.


Smooth Driving and Towing Capacity


The basic engine package for the 2017 Lincoln Navigator features a twin turbo 3.5L V6 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive.


460 pounds per foot of torque means exceptional towing capabilities. Combine this with a ground clearance of 8.4” and a wheelbase of 119”, and its handling is amazingly smooth, even with a trailer in tow.


There’s also 380 horsepower available, and with variable valve timing, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator achieves an EPA-estimated fuel consumption rating of 15 MPG in the city and 21 on the highway, which is very respectable.


You know that Lincoln stands by the quality and reliability of their performance parts, because they’re offering a 6 year warranty on the drivetrain, and 2 years of free servicing as another warranty option.


High Class Design to Match Utility

Interior of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator really stands out as far as economy, durability, comfort and performance are concerned. They’ve also elevated expectations with everything from stability and traction control, to effective security features like a remote anti-theft system and emergency braking assistance.


Since design affects areas like safety and comfort, it’s worth mentioning that these are only a few of the impressive standard features available. A tire pressure monitoring system, fog lamps, child seat anchors and an advanced airbag system are a few more to take note of.


The options are just as impressive for the price. Luxuries like the power moonroof that provides plenty of headroom, 22” polished aluminum wheels and second row bucket and bench seats are just the beginning for the 2017 Lincoln Navigator.


But they’ve also packed enormous value into the standard package. Having premium leather interior, adjustable pedals and an advanced navigational system to complement its Bluetooth capabilities, the 2017 Navigator wields some serious advantages over its competition.


The 2017 Navigator isn’t just a highly impressive luxury SUV. It isn’t just a practical family vehicle. It’s a driving experience that unites utility, technology, power and comfort. It’s the sophisticated choice.