Lincoln’s Driven To Give Raises $6.2 Million

Lincoln Group marketing manager John Emmert has spearheaded considerably publicity work for the brand. However, the latest update on their Drive to Give project has had massive long term involvement with something more important to society.

That’s providing for education. The charitable non-profit organizations that local Lincoln dealers have been working with reach farther than this one area, but it’s significant to see how they’ve been paying it forward. Let’s take a look at what they’ve done.

The Drive to Give Program

It’s essentially a philanthropic program. Geared and designed to give dealerships an opportunity to cooperate with non-profit organizations via the test driving of select models.

Beginning in 2011, it’s raised $6.2 million dollars to date. Just last year alone, $1.5 million dollars was given away to children’s schools and other worthy organizations. That’s a lot to say for something that was meant to be a simple, small campaign. Here’s how it works.

Lincoln selects particular vehicles to participate in the program. Each time a prospective buyer test drives one of these models, the company donates $20 to a charitable organization. The event lasts for an entire day twice each year. The event actually occurs during multiple seasons, being; once in the spring and again in the fall.

Not every dealership participates in the program. Lincoln dealers choose to participate in the event, and local community members have a chance to test out these models. One significant aspect of this, is that it includes some of the high end luxury models as well, which means a high interest for the local group to visit and have fun, with no obligation to buy.

The Mission and Reason Why

The profitability to dealerships is plain and clear. They have an excellent opportunity to generate significant buzz in the community for their location, at virtually no cost to them or the customer.

In terms of the manufacturer and Lincoln as a whole, it’s a way to present new models, like the eligible 2016 Lincoln MKX in the spring, to the public. It’s actually a bonus model, which means that Lincoln donates an additional $20 ($40 for each test drive). In the fall, the bonus model will be the 2017 Lincoln MKZ. The brand new model, the 2017 Lincoln Continental will be available for regular eligible test drives as well.

It also gets them accessing the pristine show rooms and investigating their entire inventory. In terms of word of mouth, it’s a phenomenal benefit for sales.

However, the real purpose for Drive to Give is for the community. It’s a chance for local Lincoln dealerships to give back directly to their communities. It’s bound to make a positive impression, however what’s even more valuable to everyone concerned is the redeemable value that they make by raising up the local areas.

A Nationwide Impact

According to recent sales statistics, several of Lincoln’s premier models are rapidly gaining interest. With commitment to amazing fuel efficiency with their hybrid (electric and gas powered) models, and reliable access to standard performance dominant options, this isn’t surprising.

This has a two-fold benefit. Because Lincoln can afford to offer the Drive to Give program to such an enormous amount of dealerships, we’ll see local improvements across the country.

It also means greater exposure to Lincoln’s valuable models. While it may seem like a cop-out, several Lincoln vehicles, from the MKC to the MKX are being offered with affordable standard packages for the quality-conscious public.

While many won’t have the financial resources to afford top-end luxury trims and technologies, it could mean a huge positive impact on the American economy, as well as the pocket books of Lincoln drivers, in the long term.