Lincoln and the Dallas Cowboys Unite

Premium seating and all-season access are no small deal. Members of the Founders Club, a service offered to wealthy individuals, who are willing to pay upwards of $150,000 to secure a single seat for the season and are considered major clients.

This is where the relationship between Lincoln and the Dallas Cowboys really comes into play. While an overpriced membership is extremely valuable for promotion of their vehicles, Lincoln has access to a massive amount of American football fans. For reasons we’ll discuss, it’s a prime opportunity to connect with tens of thousands of Dallas Cowboys followers during a single event.

Lincoln Puts their Name under the Founders Club Banner

Although specific agreements between Lincoln and this exclusive group, which offers private seating and luxury accommodations to seats between the 40 yard lines weren’t disclosed, it’s clear that they’re going to play a major part.

In fact, they’re planning to work intimately with the service. Some services and specials may include models for fans to test drive and Lincoln specialists on site to answer questions about new and advanced products.

John Emmert, the Lincoln Group marketing manager, discussed their intentions openly. Stating that their concierge service that operates every minute of the day was so congruent, he also promised an “effortless experience” at the AT&T stadium. This is in direct relation to Dallas Cowboys’ executive vice president of business Chad Estis, who made similar promises about effortless, luxury accommodations.

In terms of psychological association, these two groups make a perfect, honest match. The integrity of values and quality offered by both companies are held to an extraordinarily high standard. You wouldn’t expect anything less.

The Power of American Brands

Not long ago, speculators contended that American car companies like Ford and Lincoln had essentially left the US market. Despite the diverse wave of quality vehicles being manufactured by foreign companies and being sold in America, Lincoln has made a hugely respectable bounce back.

The 2017 Lincoln MKC, for example is being released with state of the art technology as standard equipment.

Hybrid models, for example, are almost the ultimate in fuel economy for mid- and full-sized SUVs. Plus, the company’s commitment to engaging their audience and providing a beautiful mix of innovation and practicality with their luxury lines has played no small part.

This is a perfect opportunity to connect with a true all-American team like the Dallas Cowboys. Models like the Lincoln Continental and the amazing MKZ are a perfect offset to the inherent qualities of models displayed by other teams. A Porsche, for example, may pale in comparison to the improvements that Lincoln has steadily made across their entire line.

The Success of the AT&T Center and Football in General

Dallas Cowboys fans are a following like no other. With eight home games under their belt this year, the team has seen an average of 91.459 their fans in full attendance there.

Their influence has been growing on a yearly basis. For a team that’s ranked #1 in fan attendance, they’re not one to rest on their laurels or even feel the need to cut down their competition. This says a lot about their business practices, and how they value their demographic.

For these and other important reasons, selecting an effective sponsor is an important task. Some may say that choosing a leader may be the toughest choice you could make in this situation. It’s clear that they’ve selected a solid contender.

It’s also interesting that Lincoln distributes luxury vehicles. They’re not pandering their models to a group of people who by based solely on quality and problem solving, or solutions to financial constraints. At the same time, it’s an excellent opportunity to exhibit the value of each of their models to a wide audience.