Actor Dax Shepard Has One Serious Classic Lincoln


You would expect a dashing Hollywood celeb to drive the latest Ferrari or Lamborghini, but actor Dax Shepard has another favorite – the classic Lincoln 1967 Continental. It’s hard to remain impartial when you see the black beast. It’s massive and muscular and boasts with classic luxury. It’s truly glamourous in its own way.


Why this choice of car? As a Detroit-native, Dax has always had a strong bond with American cars. It’s a family thing. His father sold Ford cars for a living and his mother became a fleet manager for General Motors, rising up from a janitor. She eventually started her own company and Dax helped her with new car launches for the famous manufacturer. This is how he was introduced to Corvettes and the like in his teens.


Dax’s classic Lincoln is car which looks as if it has just come out of a movie with its massive 5,300-pound body and over 700 brake horsepower. Indeed, it was among the stars of Hit & Run along its famous owner. In fact, Dax performed all stunts involving driving himself. This is just one of the many reasons why you should see the comedy.


The 1967 Lincoln Continental has been turning heads ever since it was first introduced. At the time, it was reserved for A-listers thanks to its luxury design and the ample room that it offered thanks to the long wheelbase. It’s easy to recognize plenty of “modern” features in this sedan power seat, adjustable steering wheel and cruise control. You could really show off as a VIP in this sedan. This isn’t exactly how Dax felt when he bought his classic Lincoln back in 1999. He was still a university student and even though the car was in good shape overall, he didn’t have the money to make it shine. Gladly, after appearing on leading shows and working on several movies, he was finally able to play with it.


The actor wasn’t happy with the acceleration or braking of the vehicle and decided to transform the classic Lincoln into a CTS-V, entrusting Tony Loguzzo and his son Tyler with the job. It took them around a year to create the masterpiece that Dax drives now. Loguzzo replaced the original engine with a Ford Racing 521 ci crate one making 385 horsepower which is no longer in production. With a bunch of mods which the mechanic added, the car could run at 700 horsepower. The other super cool performance features which found their way into the 1967 Continental included a Mass-Flo system for fuel management, Aeromotive A-1000 fuel pump, Mallory ignition, Flowmaster 44 mufflers and Ford C6 transmission.


The chassis also underwent some serious redesigning. The expert added custom frame stiffeners which improved the frame immensely. The front suspension received KYB adjustable shocks, while the rear one got a modified leaf spring. The Delrin bushings would ensure reliable driving on a daily basis over the long term. Loguzzo made further modifications to accommodate Wilwood brakes with utterly impressive specs. This is how the driver enjoys better chassis control for improved precision driving. That’s exactly what Dax needed for stunt driving.


When the classic Lincoln from 1967 was finally transformed, it could confidently take up its role in the movie Dax was making. The actor explains that he was inspired to create Hit & Run by his all-time-favorite car movies Smokey & The Bandit and Bullitt. While Steve McQueen did most of the driving in Bullet, Dax did all the driving in his hit movie which is sure to inspire many young people to love classic cars.


Would you be willing to transform a classic Lincoln and make it a modern super car? If not, you can always try the brand new Lincoln Continental.